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5TD-125 Rice Thresher
5TD-125 Rice Thresher

5TD-125 Rice Thresher

    5TD-125 rice thresher takes advantage of the combination of the threshing, winnowing and screening methods. It can completely separate unhusked rice from straw, rice bran, impurities with one time. It’s designed compactly and perfectly.  It’s reliable in operation, easy and convenient in installation and maintenance. It has high threshing rate, low loss ratio, low energy consumption etc. Thereby, it saves manpower and material resources, shortens the harvest period. It is welcomed by the majority of users. It is widely used in the rural, hilly, plain area for the rice etc.

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When the diesel engine starts, it is driven by the triangle belts to rotate the drum, fans, guiding wheel and vibrating sieve. After idly running for five minutes, the speed will reach the rated speed, and then it can be put into operation. The machine uses the nail type teeth and long drum for threshing, which can achieve the threshing of dry and wet rice or wheat, the crushing rate is low, and the removal rate is high. The feeding entrance and the straw outlet are located at both ends of the threshing drum. The threshing distance is increased, and the effective separating area of the concave sieve is also increased. The unhusked rice can be completely removed from the straws and there is no need to thresh again.

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